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Our Practice
Niazi Roden is a progressive architectural practice based in Clerkenwell, London, that specialises in architecture, master-planning and urban design.

Together, our medium-sized team have built an international reputation for award-winning projects that flourish at the convergence of life, science and architecture. Our collaborative approach has helped us to build an established reputation in the following sectors:

— Life Science and Research
— Offices and Workplace
— Higher Education and Mixed Use

We strive to put people at the heart of our projects, shaping timeless buildings and spaces that truly resonate with those that use them. At Niazi Roden, this is what makes up our DNA.

Our people
Our practice is led by David Roden and Elias Niazi, who share an architectural heritage and a combined experience of over 50 years. Together, they have built a diverse team of highly talented, energetic professionals who are bound by a common work ethos and a mutual desire to create design excellence. Architectural design is, above all, a personal business and gains immeasurably from the ‘hands-on’ approach of our principals, working closely with the wider client and project teams.

Our directors are supported by senior staff including Damien Busch, Brian Woodward, and Andro Monzon. We minimise hierarchy in favour of a ‘family’ studio atmosphere, enabling work of the highest standards to be delivered with clear vision and under the closest personal attention.

We are an equal opportunities employer, and we have a robust policy of diversity, equity and inclusion. We strongly believe in human rights regardless of ethnicity, religion, or orientation and will not work in markets that oppress such rights. We have a reputation for being friendly, collaborative, flexible, responsive and easy to work with. People are at the very heart of what we do and how we approach our work. With experience spanning various disciplines and sectors, our people make us who we are.

Our open-plan studio is designed to reflect and encourage flexible, collaborative working and promote interaction, innovation and the sharing of ideas. It also creates an egalitarian atmosphere where everyone can contribute. This is particularly so, given our medium size which we intend to maintain—a personable scale which respects the individual but is capable of handling multiple large, complex projects with confidence.
Enabling talent to flourish
The practice is committed to improving both diversity and equality within the architectural profession and our studio is both multicultural and international. We believe in knowledge sharing and offering expertise to the next generation of architects. We have a policy of recruiting architectural students each year for work experience and support them in taking their professional qualifications. We have dedicated personal training, one-to-one mentoring and a continuing professional development programme to nurture individual talent and ensure individuals realise their full potential and skill.

We have student mentoring programmes in conjunction with the RIBA and schools of architecture. We place a great emphasis on continual improvement and development and have an active programme of mentoring within the practice to enable everyone to gain additional skills and develop their full potential. We offer personal mentoring and career progression programmes to all our staff. Together, we have a responsibility to encourage, education and create opportunities for the next generation entering the profession in a supportive environment.  We are actively engaged with schools of architecture across the country to mentor students and offer short-term internships, and long-term work experience, with support to students embarking on their courses and exams for professional qualification.
Our Approach
People are at the very heart of what we do and how we approach our work. Our ability to truly listen establishes an authentic understanding of our clients’ present challenges, whilst also taking into account the complexities of their overall strategic visions. This enables us to shape a better environment at all levels, from the scale of the city to the smallest component of our buildings. 

As a medium-sized practice, we are able to relate with—and swiftly respond to—our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves in maintaining an open, transparent relationship with all of our collaborators and co-consultants, which we believe is fundamental to the success of every project.

We firmly believe in the importance of hand-drawn ideas. This simple yet invaluable tool allows us to succinctly express our initial thoughts, concepts and a core vision for a project. This is then translated into practise using scale modelling and a range of state-of-the-art 2D/3D computer software.

We actively seek out new ideas and deliver sustainability and best value with every design decision, helping us to create elegant, contemporary buildings and urban spaces that are as innovative and exciting as they are commercially successful for our clients.
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Do more and more
with less and less.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller
Our target is for all our buildings to achieve Net Carbon Zero and BREEAM Outstanding. We support the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and the implementation of the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide to attain a carbon neutral future across all our projects and our own operations. The practice is also a participant in LETI the London Energy Transformation Initiative. 

Wellbeing is at the heart of our design process, and we strive for the exemplar standards in our buildings to attain the highest industry leading metrics including BRREAM,WELL, SMART Score, NABERS and WiredScore Accreditation. An exemplar design for us involves a design process that begins with teasing out and targeting net zero carbon and driving design decisions at all stages focusing on achieving this target. All commercial schemes we are involved at minimum achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ with most of the schemes targeting ‘Outstanding’. This requires a holistic approach to all works within the practice, a top-down analysis that requires challenging the norm at design consultations and team meetings to save and protect every points we target. We have a sustainability champion in house who key role is to ensure all projects are reviewed periodically at all stages. When it comes to a holistic approach to sustainability, we are a competent team that exceed LDA targets and client expectations.
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